Game Over (Part 1)

Game Over
Now we hit the ground. No airbag, nor any other equipment of our ruined car called EU was able to protect us against this downfall. It’s like a car driver seeing the tree 5 miles ahead but pointing on it with 90 mph. A behavior the EU and it’s member states applied and apply in recent time. I call it “auto-determined and conscious distruction”. You know that pointing that tree with the high speed will harm you. But as a EU leader (and driver) you likely prefer to enjoy the minutes between the speed-rush and the impact rather than thinking about how to avoid the fatality.
Ups …. Sorry it was a videogame :=). But do you recognize the events lately happened to Europe struggling about sovereign debt anf high interest rates in treasure papers? My videogame console I can reset or change the game when I’m sucked with the current one. But economic and political reality isn’t that easy to reset, nor we are able to mutate situations with a Harry Potter wand trick.
Global players in economy have learned to cooperate to defy the big ones on their own grounds. They know that without coop you’re out of game. 11 single stubborn soccer kickers aren’t a team to face a game. But Europe fatally lets us know that our team (EU) is far from be united (neither is able to agree superficial terms!). NIMBY. That’s the slogan our EU governments printed on their shirts. Everyone with its own national flag on it and dressed different from the others. Would you attend a soccer game like that? Would you spend any money on a game played by such a dis-coordinated team…?
The same question is now running exchange halls force and back. Investors know they are responsible on this alternation of the markets but they are glad and thankful to Europe because they make it possible. Gambling from small to big. Nothing else exchange halls nowdays mean.
We need a global effort to solve global issues. Not only in economics, but also in social, religion, justice. As long as all players act as a “one-man-show” to attract the others we will never get a touchable positive result on it. And this will mean… GAME OVER!
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Don’t hope that much he’ll be the “All-Fixer”

As I wrote to be afraid of in my article “Bail-Out or Pump-Out” got real with bonus payments to AIG managers. And I also mentioned in the past that the Obama administration can’t be seen as the “all-things healer”. Obama needs to reassess a big part of the global economy. And many choices won’t pass easily or at congress or at public surveys. Even his own party is blaming the 1st black President of the US (it smells like revenge to his “against-the-lobby” speech he addressed 2 or 3 weeks ago?) making it not easier for the oval office man to continue on his way to save the country from a recession. “Change!” was his keyword and change will come. But even a holy saint with many superpowers could not fix all the mess of 30-40 years of over liberalized rules in the financial sector that ruined also real economy sectors when the bubble of toxic assets exploded. But media and Republican forces (assisted by some Dem’s as well) now fire against Obama because of the bonus payments he didn’t stop. Why did Rep’s and Dem’s in the past never ruled the markets to impose more tranparency and supervision? Maybe they were directly involved to gain profit? 😉  I think the bonus payment is due to 2 reasons: 1) Obama didn’t take an eyeball on these contracts and their due time as needed; 2) Geithner wasn’t able to check and correct the issue in time. Now folks, opposition forces and media now have new more strings on their bow. People need a sinner to sentence, Rep’s need to inflict damage to Obama’s administration as much as possible and media was and is always the middle-passthrough to mix-up the “real” information people need (no more serious journalism to tell the things they really are = more quantity and sensationalism than quality?). I do not defend Obama when he is making wrong and the AIG bonus payment was “partially” his own failure (or his staff’s), but as I told you at the beginning, humans are no saints and no one can be the “All-fixer” and recover a whole economy like the US is; doing fast, reliable, without mistakes and without deceiving anyone. Tell me one person who would be able to do that… and I’ll give ’em the job!

Andreas Ahlen

Michelle du bist…. zu “offen”?!

Wir haben ja aus den USA schon einiges gehört, aber die neuste Diskussion über den Look (das Aussehen) der 1. schwarz-afrikanischen (und vor allem attraktiven, oder nicht?) First Lady, setzt dem Fass doch die Krone auf (und das bei all den anderen Brennpunkten in der US-Gesellschaft, voran die Wirtschaftskrise). Zu viel „Armfreiheit“ oder nicht? Sieht man nicht ein wenig zu viel der oberen lateralen Extremitäten? Ein Thema welches das Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten anscheinend (laut den Medien) in Zwei Teile gespalten hat. Ich denke mal es gab auch schon vorher (Kennedy?) gut aussehende Fist Ladies die nicht vorhatten, nur weil sie jünger und weltoffener waren als ihre Vorgängerinnen im Wieén Haus, in einem Schwesterkostüm (und womöglich in Abstineny?) zu enden. Die Zeiten ändern sich. Wieso soll sich eine attraktive und selbst bewußte Frau wie Michelle Obama nicht gemäß ihrem persönlichen Stil kleiden können? Wieso kommt gerade hier der prüde Ami rüber (nicht alle, aber einige) der sich sonst um das Eine und Anderen einen feuchten Kericht kümmert? Vielleicht weil man in den Tiefen des wirtschaftlichen „Freien Falls“ versucht sich ab zu lenken (Gossip, oder wieder einmal eine Republikaner-Attacke?)? Weil sie es ist – stimmt ja sie ist eine FARBIGE! – die 1. Nicht-Weiße Ehefrau eines erstem schwarzen (ääh…farbigen) US-Präsidenten? Michelle Obama wird in Zukunft mit Adleraugen beobachtet. Sie sollte als Vorbild für viele Frauen (nicht nur Farbige) in den USA stehen aber ihre rapräsentative Aufgabe dabei nicht vernachlässigen. Was hier zählen sind alleine symbolische Fakten. Michelle Obama im Vogue Magazin, OK! Aber dann sollte die Hälfte der Gage gespendet werden. Sie könnte sich wie viele andere Vorgänger-First-Ladies im Charity (Hilfsorganisationen) Bereich engagieren und vor allem ein Zeichen setzten das ihr Ruhm und Gagen nicht alles im Leben sind. Eben den Bedürftigen helfen, Hilfs-organisationen unterstützen (nicht nur in den USA sondern überall auf dem Globus) und als Signal den Leuten zeigen das es auch andere Werte außer jene ökonomischer Art gibt (Ist sie nicht Mutter von Zwei Kindern?). Das wäre ihre Chance. Bleibt abzuwarten was sie daraus macht. Author:

US Presidentials 2008:Should We Race Due To The Race?

Newsweek has spotted out an interesting argument. The race of the Presidential Candidates. Would America be ready to accept a dark President? A question nearly never mentioned by US media. I say may the best win the price. Reducing this campaign into a “Black or White” issue might be the same as returning to the Apartheid in South Africa. It would be a strong signal to the world if the US would accept a dark President. Many changes started in US and spread into other Western countries. So may America once again
be the “Leader” in exploring new areas…