The Spill and its Bill

Recently we were all victims that huge cataclysm caused by humans have no limit. As long as we go on with our philosophy to be “greater and richer” despite the limited resources we have and ignoring the (must) security measures to apply to certain processes of resource exploiting icidents like this will ever happen again. What we need is to calculate the benefits, the risks and the ecological impact of our actions. As economy is driven my making money there is no space to think about precautions or similar actions. And as soon as things go well the benefit for all of us is tangible (Oil, Gas, my car runs!). But the grown competition and the consequently shrinking margins in earning money are tracking the way to strategies where conglomerates and big companies decide “in the twinkling of an eye” what to do to keep pace with competitors.

This strategy is no longer valid in a media long-term run. We the folks are partly responsible of this bloodshed global extraction companies apply to several sites on this planet, most of them in located in unique and sensitive ecosystems (see Louisiana).

I don’t know how many millions of gallons spilled into the Gulf of Mexico since the drown of Deep Water Horizon and what this means in economical impact for BP’s accounting. And the other side is how many money (if to reset all the mess might be payable by money?) is needed to clean the beaches and help out the wildlife and communities that live in the affected area. No one else than the government of the United States can be once more a forerunner to change global behavior and be more responsible to mother nature.

After the financial crack down and the bail-out ob billions of dollars, and under the scene of the oil spill disaster still to be calculated in financial and economical damage we are still not convinced to change from root (we the people) to give a chance to new approaches in living a better life now and in the future.

I think that BP will never be intentioned to pay the full amount in economical costs of the Oil Spill and I rarely believe that Washington will be able to impose a new policy to the oil industry to be more responsible. At the end the Spill-Out will be relayed to the taxpayer like we’ve seen with the financial Bail-Out. At the end it is partly blamable to the taxpayer itself because we all wanted to live a “real life” on credit and driving big cars consuming lots of gas.


When subsidies and hide-and-forget reach the end

by Andreas Ahlen

Oil at record prices!“No U-turn on Malaysia fuel hike” (BBC), high oil prices rule the G8 meeting, US customers spend less on gas as the gallon price passes US$ 4.00. The whole wide world now seems to realize the global market interconnections that developed the last three decades are affecting us all. If globalization brought us almost only benefits (in cheap products Made in China) nowdays we need to learn that bad consequences are in effect as well. We all appear in the same play, and we all have to face the same problems. Costs of food and energy are on a hike and are going to raise further.

Governments have a sports they call “give them a piece of bread” and “hide-and-forget”. That means they know the real situation and they were updated about it continuously. But they lure their supporters (voters) with subsidies and “lock it up” strategies to make people know that the world is fine (What a wonderful World?) . A behavior applied by almost all governments, despite industrialized nations’ ones, emerging or poor countries.

The most striking signal the whole world realizes that something is not really on the track are news from US that customers struggle with raised food and fuel prices. A matter they never really dealt with. But the United States are also one of the primary indicators of global prosperity, wealthiness and consumption. If 300 Millions are struggling, what about the other industrialized nations and later the emerging and poor countries where price spikes really could lead to social unrest and even chaos?

In a time where petrocompanies report record earnings on oil the real question on the table should be? Is this all fault of GWB and his missteps in Iraq and the Middle-East. Or did he back a more profitable speculation on oil at stock exchanges? In any case speculation is a common habit of mankind not necessarily to charge on the Bush administration. The actual situation is concerning a lot as industrialized nations as well as poor nations have different layers. Starting from the poor,crossing the prosperously and ending up to the rich magnates that rule the global oil business.

Nevertheless people all over the world never waste a thought about the energy crisis predicted 2 decades ago and therefore no efforts were made to increase energy saving and lower environmental impact. Human beings are like human beings are: you will realize it when it is too late (or when your fuel gauge indicates L for a couple of weeks, but you will be really convinced to get gas when your guzzling van stops and the engine turns silent).

We could line up many more factors that would have lead to this situation but I think analysts and opinion makers are more instructed in doing it.

Andreas Ahlen

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