WSJ: Why We Went To Iraq


War in IraqAs I told in the past. Mistakes were done and the ongoing was not the way US expected it would. The “preventive war” like they called it in Europe was partially founded by unilateral decisions Washington took. But in the end we all need to resolve the problem. I hope that this “case” will show up to all of us that “I go my way” tactics shouldn’t be the solutions to be picked. I claim on Europe and other Western-Allied countries when they decided to “turn their head away” instead of dealing with the US to head for a shared solution (I have to admit that all listed actors were a bit stubborn!). Finally this “its-your-faulf-GWB” must have an end. We are all humans and I think George will pay the price for his war. But what would we’ve done if there had been another terrorist attack on US soil in the 9/11 aftermath? Tricky question…