Game Over (Part 1)

Game Over
Now we hit the ground. No airbag, nor any other equipment of our ruined car called EU was able to protect us against this downfall. It’s like a car driver seeing the tree 5 miles ahead but pointing on it with 90 mph. A behavior the EU and it’s member states applied and apply in recent time. I call it “auto-determined and conscious distruction”. You know that pointing that tree with the high speed will harm you. But as a EU leader (and driver) you likely prefer to enjoy the minutes between the speed-rush and the impact rather than thinking about how to avoid the fatality.
Ups …. Sorry it was a videogame :=). But do you recognize the events lately happened to Europe struggling about sovereign debt anf high interest rates in treasure papers? My videogame console I can reset or change the game when I’m sucked with the current one. But economic and political reality isn’t that easy to reset, nor we are able to mutate situations with a Harry Potter wand trick.
Global players in economy have learned to cooperate to defy the big ones on their own grounds. They know that without coop you’re out of game. 11 single stubborn soccer kickers aren’t a team to face a game. But Europe fatally lets us know that our team (EU) is far from be united (neither is able to agree superficial terms!). NIMBY. That’s the slogan our EU governments printed on their shirts. Everyone with its own national flag on it and dressed different from the others. Would you attend a soccer game like that? Would you spend any money on a game played by such a dis-coordinated team…?
The same question is now running exchange halls force and back. Investors know they are responsible on this alternation of the markets but they are glad and thankful to Europe because they make it possible. Gambling from small to big. Nothing else exchange halls nowdays mean.
We need a global effort to solve global issues. Not only in economics, but also in social, religion, justice. As long as all players act as a “one-man-show” to attract the others we will never get a touchable positive result on it. And this will mean… GAME OVER!
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Work together

Be on track again

despite the tackle the actual President Of The United States, Obama, has to admit we need to review our Western-lated expectations to rule him. US democracy ideas introduced to Europe starting from Wilson are no more valid to rule a complexity evolved world we have to face today. As we all know Americans did a lot to free Europe twice the 20th Century to put it back on track. From there America did receive a lot of accusations to tamper domestic affairs in local countries in Europe and abroad. But we still need to admit that no more than US is able up to these days to guide the line of global policy. This rule of “Global Policeman” to the US hasn’t been accepted ‘til now by many countries. Neither Western-related, nor western enemy-classified ones. The hegemony of the US presence on the global catwalk is not at last due to the dominancy of US initiatives in base of their military power. What we need here in Europe (indeed all the Western countries) is to improve our rule in managing global issues. The last 15 years US was forced to intervene due to incapacity of their NATO allies in Europe. US-ruled missions to save global status need more than farytale tellers. Both parts of the Atlantic Ocean need to reassess their basics how to work together without threatening their historical links they have worked for. Even as Europe and the US after WW2 and Clinton after the Cold War we all need to point out new ways to put peace into things and people. The whole world is getting more and more inter-connected. And we need not only the unilateral decision of the White House to keep up better, but more than ever a global teamwork.

Don’t hope that much he’ll be the “All-Fixer”

The Bail-Out or the Pump-Out

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When subsidies and hide-and-forget reach the end

by Andreas Ahlen

Oil at record prices!“No U-turn on Malaysia fuel hike” (BBC), high oil prices rule the G8 meeting, US customers spend less on gas as the gallon price passes US$ 4.00. The whole wide world now seems to realize the global market interconnections that developed the last three decades are affecting us all. If globalization brought us almost only benefits (in cheap products Made in China) nowdays we need to learn that bad consequences are in effect as well. We all appear in the same play, and we all have to face the same problems. Costs of food and energy are on a hike and are going to raise further.

Governments have a sports they call “give them a piece of bread” and “hide-and-forget”. That means they know the real situation and they were updated about it continuously. But they lure their supporters (voters) with subsidies and “lock it up” strategies to make people know that the world is fine (What a wonderful World?) . A behavior applied by almost all governments, despite industrialized nations’ ones, emerging or poor countries.

The most striking signal the whole world realizes that something is not really on the track are news from US that customers struggle with raised food and fuel prices. A matter they never really dealt with. But the United States are also one of the primary indicators of global prosperity, wealthiness and consumption. If 300 Millions are struggling, what about the other industrialized nations and later the emerging and poor countries where price spikes really could lead to social unrest and even chaos?

In a time where petrocompanies report record earnings on oil the real question on the table should be? Is this all fault of GWB and his missteps in Iraq and the Middle-East. Or did he back a more profitable speculation on oil at stock exchanges? In any case speculation is a common habit of mankind not necessarily to charge on the Bush administration. The actual situation is concerning a lot as industrialized nations as well as poor nations have different layers. Starting from the poor,crossing the prosperously and ending up to the rich magnates that rule the global oil business.

Nevertheless people all over the world never waste a thought about the energy crisis predicted 2 decades ago and therefore no efforts were made to increase energy saving and lower environmental impact. Human beings are like human beings are: you will realize it when it is too late (or when your fuel gauge indicates L for a couple of weeks, but you will be really convinced to get gas when your guzzling van stops and the engine turns silent).

We could line up many more factors that would have lead to this situation but I think analysts and opinion makers are more instructed in doing it.

Andreas Ahlen

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