Don’t hope that much he’ll be the “All-Fixer”

As I wrote to be afraid of in my article “Bail-Out or Pump-Out” got real with bonus payments to AIG managers. And I also mentioned in the past that the Obama administration can’t be seen as the “all-things healer”. Obama needs to reassess a big part of the global economy. And many choices won’t pass easily or at congress or at public surveys. Even his own party is blaming the 1st black President of the US (it smells like revenge to his “against-the-lobby” speech he addressed 2 or 3 weeks ago?) making it not easier for the oval office man to continue on his way to save the country from a recession. “Change!” was his keyword and change will come. But even a holy saint with many superpowers could not fix all the mess of 30-40 years of over liberalized rules in the financial sector that ruined also real economy sectors when the bubble of toxic assets exploded. But media and Republican forces (assisted by some Dem’s as well) now fire against Obama because of the bonus payments he didn’t stop. Why did Rep’s and Dem’s in the past never ruled the markets to impose more tranparency and supervision? Maybe they were directly involved to gain profit? 😉  I think the bonus payment is due to 2 reasons: 1) Obama didn’t take an eyeball on these contracts and their due time as needed; 2) Geithner wasn’t able to check and correct the issue in time. Now folks, opposition forces and media now have new more strings on their bow. People need a sinner to sentence, Rep’s need to inflict damage to Obama’s administration as much as possible and media was and is always the middle-passthrough to mix-up the “real” information people need (no more serious journalism to tell the things they really are = more quantity and sensationalism than quality?). I do not defend Obama when he is making wrong and the AIG bonus payment was “partially” his own failure (or his staff’s), but as I told you at the beginning, humans are no saints and no one can be the “All-fixer” and recover a whole economy like the US is; doing fast, reliable, without mistakes and without deceiving anyone. Tell me one person who would be able to do that… and I’ll give ’em the job!

Andreas Ahlen


Michelle du bist…. zu “offen”?!

Wir haben ja aus den USA schon einiges gehört, aber die neuste Diskussion über den Look (das Aussehen) der 1. schwarz-afrikanischen (und vor allem attraktiven, oder nicht?) First Lady, setzt dem Fass doch die Krone auf (und das bei all den anderen Brennpunkten in der US-Gesellschaft, voran die Wirtschaftskrise). Zu viel „Armfreiheit“ oder nicht? Sieht man nicht ein wenig zu viel der oberen lateralen Extremitäten? Ein Thema welches das Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten anscheinend (laut den Medien) in Zwei Teile gespalten hat. Ich denke mal es gab auch schon vorher (Kennedy?) gut aussehende Fist Ladies die nicht vorhatten, nur weil sie jünger und weltoffener waren als ihre Vorgängerinnen im Wieén Haus, in einem Schwesterkostüm (und womöglich in Abstineny?) zu enden. Die Zeiten ändern sich. Wieso soll sich eine attraktive und selbst bewußte Frau wie Michelle Obama nicht gemäß ihrem persönlichen Stil kleiden können? Wieso kommt gerade hier der prüde Ami rüber (nicht alle, aber einige) der sich sonst um das Eine und Anderen einen feuchten Kericht kümmert? Vielleicht weil man in den Tiefen des wirtschaftlichen „Freien Falls“ versucht sich ab zu lenken (Gossip, oder wieder einmal eine Republikaner-Attacke?)? Weil sie es ist – stimmt ja sie ist eine FARBIGE! – die 1. Nicht-Weiße Ehefrau eines erstem schwarzen (ääh…farbigen) US-Präsidenten? Michelle Obama wird in Zukunft mit Adleraugen beobachtet. Sie sollte als Vorbild für viele Frauen (nicht nur Farbige) in den USA stehen aber ihre rapräsentative Aufgabe dabei nicht vernachlässigen. Was hier zählen sind alleine symbolische Fakten. Michelle Obama im Vogue Magazin, OK! Aber dann sollte die Hälfte der Gage gespendet werden. Sie könnte sich wie viele andere Vorgänger-First-Ladies im Charity (Hilfsorganisationen) Bereich engagieren und vor allem ein Zeichen setzten das ihr Ruhm und Gagen nicht alles im Leben sind. Eben den Bedürftigen helfen, Hilfs-organisationen unterstützen (nicht nur in den USA sondern überall auf dem Globus) und als Signal den Leuten zeigen das es auch andere Werte außer jene ökonomischer Art gibt (Ist sie nicht Mutter von Zwei Kindern?). Das wäre ihre Chance. Bleibt abzuwarten was sie daraus macht. Author:

Letter to the Editor Chicago Tribune: Why I would endorse Obama

It’s been a long time I’m pondering on whether endorsing Obama or not. As a European citizen, German, living in Italy since 2000, I achieved a much larger view of problems inflicting not only European countries but also the United States. Progress in free market in based on competition, isn’t it? But political progress never got linked to the progression. In fact, politicians often ruled (and are still ruling) market success or failure.

Barak Obama is seen as a person not be able to sit on the US-President’s chair in the oval office. We know that he got launched from provincial or state politics to nation-wide and international issues when accepting to run for the white house. I’m not sure if he will fulfill all the expectations people have tagged on him. In addition he won’t be the “one-man” ruler to decide future American decisions. Congress, Senate and other institutions will advice, guide and guard him. He won’t never be in the position to initiate “ad personam”.

The key fact we have here is that Obama is “new”. And human nature (due to education or just by the way we live our existence) is always considered a threat to the “normal schedule” every one has to complete day by day (Society, Points of View, etc.).

If the US still believe to be the leader then a courageous decision must be taken. Europe and other Western-oriented countries still receive waves the “American-Way-Of-Live” is sending out. This opportunity might be the right way to guide the US back on it’s railway track to a more “American-Spirit” way, the spirit that spread democracy, equality and freedom to the Western world….

Missing this railway track could lead to a more hostile environment, not only for the US, but for all of us children of Democracy.
Source: Chicago Tribune Opinion

Andreas Ahlen
Email: mysay@inbox.ocm

The “Originate to Distribute” Basle Banking Model Created the Banking Crisis

Read this article:

By Christopher M. Quigley, B.Sc., M.M.I.I., M.A.

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My comment to his article:

Dear Sir,



I was thinking about all this “high-level” steering for a long time. And I know that the financial system is almost “unlinked” like the politicians to realize the real world. Liberalism on the markets were good as long as “shadow-moves” of credit exchanges work. What we see (just look out of your window) is a world focused on consumerism and egoism. To make money,no matter how.

Finally I’m really concerned about the next crisis. Today the financial sector, tomorrow maybe the raw materials and raw commodities (rice, corn, grain ) sector nowdays also under siege by speculative transactions in buying and selling. Commodity prices rose up to 40%. We will face a real threat if one day these basic products will be denied to people in emergent and poor countries. Then we won’t fear our savings, but our life, because when these billions decide to throw the ball, the real 3rd World War will gloom…

Andreas Ahlen

The Bail-Out or the Pump-Out

Wall Street - World's Financial Center

Wall Street - World

What we’ve seen lately is an tremendous confirmation of what they say “The Big Ones Rule”. Despite the emergency Wall Street plunged in we cannot get friends of this Bail-Out plan under a “blanc cheque” aspect as we (the people) are and we will be the prey of the financial system. But financial need us to run the entire system (as shown on Situation Room at CNN). Ok, the whole system is more complex than shown in the transmission. It’s hard for me to understand why the “prey” of the financial system (the people) need to burn their tax money into the financial system to fix a mess the entire system did know about and shadows casted right since mid-2007?. Did Wall Street invite to share it’s earnings with the people their tax money they now urgently need? Why does the Senate approve not only the bill but also a $100bn tax reduction for financial sectors and businesses? Do the people always have to pay the mess of “bigger ones”? This Bail-Out Plan needs to be rewritten to focus not only on the emergency, but to rewrite the rules of market procedures, especially in the financial sector (transparency). The ones who need help (and earned loads of money on Wall Street, mainly those who contributed in mid/long-term to this dead end situation) must be forced to pay a solidarity tax (as in Germany) to contribute to the salvation of the system. If we fail to re-educate the financial system then future situations will always be charged on the tax payer and government. Without a clear re-regulation from the beginning we hand out “an all-time charge-me-up” card or “blanc cheque” to the business men

Administration lawmakers and their counterparts need to be very careful not to fire up the US citizens anger. The common people won’t easily understand why they have to be not only the “slaves” due to loans and mortgages, and therefore won’t accept why they have to run after the big financial firms to take them out of the mess.

An eventual Bail-Out plan should disburse money in a reasonable matter. I think a plural-step injection should be considered. Step after step after hitting certain conditions. $150bn immediately, with relevant focus on social subsidies to poor ones got stroked by the meltdown. Disbursing should be scrupulously monitored when given to financial firms in trouble. And 20% of the gains these companies would have should return as “Bail-Out”-Revenue tax. $200bn should be hold as a reserve and disbursed in a 2nd phase of the Bail-Out plans. I leave the details to more competent people. But remember: if ww sign to troubled companies to have the full $700bn dollars then they would think about it like a “gift”. But setting up clear points they have to meet to get the 2nd disbursement for their rescue and monitoring the reconstruction of troubled companies would have an additional point to make these CEOs work out real rescue plans.

Don’t make this Bail-Out seem to the people like a taxpayers Pump-Out…

Andreas Ahlen

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Obama at Berlin, Germany (Looking abroad)

Obama addresses folks in Berlin, Germany

Obama addresses folks in Berlin, Germany

Yesterday we did assist to the speech addressed by Obama to the folks in Berlin, Germany, at the famous Sieggesaeule (The Victory Column). Authorities told more than 200,000 people listing to Obama’s statement. He got warmly welcomed despite the Germans didn’t never agree with Iraq intervention and relations have been “cold” under Chancellor Schroeder and only “little warmed” during the Merkel administration.

John McCain said he would prefer to address the people in Europe as the President of the United States and not like a presidential candidate. I think this kind of “homeland” thinking is not anymore applicable to a globalized interconnected world. Presidents (even the US one!) need to change habits and cannot continue the “my oval office is the way the world runs!”. McCain is right to focus the campaign inn first on domestic US issues but later as one of the most active global players he should (maybe) consider to watch over the edges of the Homeland border.

When subsidies and hide-and-forget reach the end

by Andreas Ahlen

Oil at record prices!“No U-turn on Malaysia fuel hike” (BBC), high oil prices rule the G8 meeting, US customers spend less on gas as the gallon price passes US$ 4.00. The whole wide world now seems to realize the global market interconnections that developed the last three decades are affecting us all. If globalization brought us almost only benefits (in cheap products Made in China) nowdays we need to learn that bad consequences are in effect as well. We all appear in the same play, and we all have to face the same problems. Costs of food and energy are on a hike and are going to raise further.

Governments have a sports they call “give them a piece of bread” and “hide-and-forget”. That means they know the real situation and they were updated about it continuously. But they lure their supporters (voters) with subsidies and “lock it up” strategies to make people know that the world is fine (What a wonderful World?) . A behavior applied by almost all governments, despite industrialized nations’ ones, emerging or poor countries.

The most striking signal the whole world realizes that something is not really on the track are news from US that customers struggle with raised food and fuel prices. A matter they never really dealt with. But the United States are also one of the primary indicators of global prosperity, wealthiness and consumption. If 300 Millions are struggling, what about the other industrialized nations and later the emerging and poor countries where price spikes really could lead to social unrest and even chaos?

In a time where petrocompanies report record earnings on oil the real question on the table should be? Is this all fault of GWB and his missteps in Iraq and the Middle-East. Or did he back a more profitable speculation on oil at stock exchanges? In any case speculation is a common habit of mankind not necessarily to charge on the Bush administration. The actual situation is concerning a lot as industrialized nations as well as poor nations have different layers. Starting from the poor,crossing the prosperously and ending up to the rich magnates that rule the global oil business.

Nevertheless people all over the world never waste a thought about the energy crisis predicted 2 decades ago and therefore no efforts were made to increase energy saving and lower environmental impact. Human beings are like human beings are: you will realize it when it is too late (or when your fuel gauge indicates L for a couple of weeks, but you will be really convinced to get gas when your guzzling van stops and the engine turns silent).

We could line up many more factors that would have lead to this situation but I think analysts and opinion makers are more instructed in doing it.

Andreas Ahlen

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